One Woman Revolution

23 March
Blonde, hip, pragmatic and cool.

I have a Dreamwidth account! http://revolutionaryjo.dreamwidth.org If you have one too, consider following me over there since I am trying to use LJ less often these days. Thanks!

Sometimes I do podfic stuff. You can find all my podfics, appropriately, under my podfic tag.

If you're a fic author and are curious about what podficcing entails, whether or not I've asked you for permission, you can read my Dear Author letter.

If you're another podficcer who would like to re-pod (or re-record) a podfic I've already made, please do! You don't even have to let me know, but I would love it if you would because inevitably I'll want to listen to it. :)

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My love of pitas cannot be contained!
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